Friday 23rd October

Today we are watching a film with popcorn. We ‘bought’ tickets to this event for our class charity – The British Red Cross. We raised £43 today!

We also spent a lot of time this week doing our CAT tests. We have also finished our news reports and Science for the term.

We are looking forward to a week off resting.

Friday 9th October

In English this week we finished our message in a bottle letters based on the story we are reading. We have finished the book this week as well! We have also finished our 2nd unit in Maths and are moving onto addition and subtraction.

Today we went to the church to draw different parts of the church. We got back just in time and didn't get caught in the rain!

On a Thursday, we write our blog to go on the website and on Friday we are excited to find out who wins the raffle tickets for good behaviour at lunchtime. If we win we get 5 house points. 


Friday 2nd October
In literacy this week, we have been writing a letter to Billy from his sister Laura. Today in Maths, we have learnt about negative numbers. ​We also did PE on Tuesday and Thursday. We are excited for our team worship on Friday. But on Friday afternoon we have a pizza and film afternoon because we were the overall winners for TTRS.

We also had Mrs Palmer talk to us about getting a good night sleep and telling us about the Sleep Challenge.

By Lilly-Mae and Preston