Friday 20th November

Anti-bullying week/odd socks

Art: We enjoyed creating WW2 gas masks this week.


Friday 6th November

Computing: Our Computing lesson was one of the most exciting we have ever done! We learnt how to do new things like coding, different forms or types of Morse code, and learning how to change settings about writing and inserting things.

P.E: P.E. pushes us to the next level to be fit and healthy. It also helps us to get regular exercise and get more stamina.

Literacy: Learning about ‘The Piano’ (A story) that had a sentimental meaning behind it. His intangible wife and his grandson really added to the story.

Break Time: We have a chance to go out, to get some fresh air, and use our class equipment with friends. We can play tennis, or hot potato or many other activities.


Friday 23rd October

P.E: The challenges we have been doing in P.E.  keep us really fit and we use lots of energy. We always have water to drink to keep us dehydrated.

Art: This week we have been focusing on dream catchers.

Break/Lunch: At break and lunch we get some time to just have fun with our friends and take out some toys to play. Personally, sometimes skipping can be fun however others prefer to use other toys.

Friday 2nd October

Year 6 is so fun! And here is a few reasons why:

Bagels, because they’re so delicious and there is a variety of choices! Oh, and we can’t forget that we have them every day!!

Challenges, because we love challenges in year 6, and it’s fun doing them!

Science, the videos that we watch are really interesting! And identifying different types of species is brilliant, such as invertebrates and vertebrates.

Topic, because it teaches us about historical events. We are learning about Amazing Americans at the moment and discovering how their life was so different after their independence from the United Kingdom.

By Aironas and Deanna